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Historical Suspense & Adventure
by Marilyn M Schulz
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Germany in World War 2 & Russian Revolution, 1917-18
What do the youngest members of the Romanov family—supposedly executed in 1918—have to do with Russian Imperial treasures sold on the black market in neutral countries (supposedly) by the Nazis in 1943?
European women in World War 2
Stories of the struggles of European women in World War 2—when the fairy tales gets twisted. Stories include:
What if Cinderella was really an accidental arsonist of great use to the French Resistance? Or an old woman from a bombed-out neighborhood in Belgium finds shelter in a shoe shop and takes in so many orphans, she doesn't know what to do? And what happens when a red-headed woman in Poland flees into the woods to escape the Nazis?
War-torn Europe, 1795: international spies, Barbary pirates and the French Revolution.
War-torn Europe of 1795: A seabound American woman who is adept at herbal healing is caught between countries and accusations in the turbulent world of international spies, Barbary pirates and the French Revolution.
Adventures & suspense in historical settings
Testament of the Perfect, The Heretic's Garden (Coming Soon)
When their Cathar village is overrun by Crusaders, two women who teach the art and science of herbal healing must lead their students—a band of little girls—into the mountains and the refuge of the last stronghold of the Cathars.
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Adventures in the American West
by M M Schulz & Catherine Albina
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1840s-1910: Women of the American West
by Marilyn M Schulz & Catherine Albina
Adventures in the American West, this is why the West was fun! Stories include: A mail-order bride after the Civil War finds that her new husband fought for the other side, the Pony Express from a slightly different perspective, and a female doctor who can only find patients amongst the natives and the mountains of the Wild West.
Building a new life in the Arizona Territory, ten years after the Civil War
Grace the Good Traveler (Coming Soon)
Coming Soon: Grace grew up in China with her curiosity unchecked by her busy missionary parents. But when tragedy strikes the family, their father questions his faith. Disheartened, he has brought them here to the Arizona Territory for their salvation, and for his atonement . . . he hopes.
Jenny Waltz: Lost Treasure in the Wild West
Jenny Waltz (Coming Soon)
American Southwest: When a dying old man gives Jenny a family Bible and a map, she has to promise to find his daughter back East and deliver the only things he has left. Who wouldn't be tempted by a lost gold mine?
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Paranormal Mystery & Suspense
(mostly Ghosts!)
by Francie Lucas
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Recollections of ghosts, mysterious folks, bumbling crooks and outright killers.
An eccentric collection of mystery and suspense, mixed in with paranormal events. Tales include:

Family Tradition: Why does everyone assume that little old ladies are always the prey?

Portrait: What do you do when a stalker follows you all the way from a past life?

The Vanishing Point: A woman is mysteriously drawn to the very spot where a familiar child disappeared . . . decades before.
If her twin sister is dead, why does she keep talking in Kimber's head?
Red Talkers: The Colony/Lost Angel (Coming Soon)
Her sister went missing one night on an icy winter highway in Montana, but it took Kimber months to work up the nerve to finally come to grips with what really happened. If her sister was alone that night, why was she talking to someone? Of course, that's not real proof—only a dream . . . over and over again. Is it grief making Kimber crazy—or is her sister trying to tell her something?
Adventures in love and in Alaska!
Already Home: The Island of Ghost Noises (Coming Soon)
Dahl had a great career that took her all over the world. She didn't have much family left, and was always sent on the long assignments because . . . well, she had nothing better to do. But when her project in Alaska was extended, she wasn't prepared for the long, cold winter nights, nor the love of her life, and finding that in the remotest of places she was most at home. Dahl found her own history here that she didn't know was lost.
Adventures in love and in Cornwall!
Saga of a Cornish Legacy: The Dowager's House (Coming Soon)
Leoni Trelawny—it sounded more like the name of a 1940s film siren than a 21st century failure. She lost her job and now with a looming eviction notice, someone has started stalking her. That's no unheard of in NYC, and it fits right in with how the rest of her life has been going. But things start looking up, but there's always a catch . . .
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Romantic Mystery & Suspense
by Catherine Albina
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Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory that no one can steal.
Modern Day (mostly): Like a box of chocolates for the soul, indulge in this collection of optimistic and heart-warming stories about finding love in the most unexpected places. Where it goes next is up to your imagination, but in the troubles of the modern world, what's wrong with happy endings? Stories include: What happens when the girl next door is a ghost? A soldier serving overseas finds her bank account has been drained by the man she meant to marry. A mishap with a carton of ladybugs leads to a strange confrontation with the cops.
Connie O'Malley and her student find happiness in the 1920s . . . after the murders.
What Came of Picking Flowers (Coming Soon)
by Catherine Albina & Francie Lucas

1920s: Within a week, Connie lost both her parents and then her home. The only thing left is to make peace with her mother's estranged family and finish the last year of teaching college. She then takes a position as a tutor to a wealthy family on Long Island. There are secrets in the old house, but nothing compared to what is going on with the family. Connie is suspected of murder by everyone but the policemen she grew up with . . . after all, her father was a cop.
Generations of the bloodline of Mary Magdalene
Testament of the Penitent: The Magdala (Coming Soon)
by Catherine Albina & Marilyn M Schulz
Stories of women in the earliest days of Christianity, and a pre-quel to the Testament of the Perfect: The Magdala, meaning a tower or place of strength. Jesus called his only female disciple that, and that is what he meant. Follow Mary Magdalene afterward, and the generations that came after her in Southern France.
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Mystery & Suspense (Angels & Demons)
by Rosina Albert Wolfe
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The Bridge Aurora (of light): International intrigue and guardian angels
GUARDIAN: The Bridge Aurora (The Bridge of Light)
Seattle, mid-1990s
Julia Coles came to Seattle to marry a man she met on the Internet, but instead of jumping into wedded bliss, took a dive off the Aurora Bridge. The cops put it all down as a lovesick suicide—cops aren't romantic at all. That's why Emi Rye came to Seattle to solve a murder that didn't actually happen. "There is a bridge between life and death, and only the most worthy may pass over here." - Keeper of Souls, Book of Purgatory
The Blue Hour: Soviet Union & Seattle, mid-1990s
NEMESIS: The Reckoning
Seattle, mid-1990s & Soviet Russia, mid-1970s
The blue hour—that time in the night when some horrible dream has ripped through your sleep like a jagged bolt of lightning. You try to remember, but just like that, it's gone, and you're left with only that terrible feeling that you missed . . . something. You want to get back to sleep, and while you fear the dream will return, you also dread that it won't. Maybe some dreams are memories . . .
Adventures & suspense in historical settings
Testament of the Purified: Past Lives, Present Dangers
Mid-1970s, Carroll, Oregon: Detective Sergeant Susan Hannah is the first female police detective in this small city near the Oregon coast. For some, that's only one of the disturbing changes happening here. When a young woman staggers into the clinic near the college campus and dies in the arms of one of the elderly nurses there, the new detective discovers a series of rapes and a police cover-up that has gone on for decades.

A modern day sequel, inspired by Testamant of the Perfect: The Heretic's Garden by Marilyn M Schulz
Adventures & suspense in historical settings
Down Here in the Low (Coming Soon)
Kea, a paleographer and expert in the region, is called in to help rescue an Iraqi official and others who have gone into a volatile region of southwestern Iraq—perhaps there to illegally raid the tombs of ancient Sumerian nobles, who were buried with the same sort of riches as the Egyptian pharaohs. There's another problem too: A cloud of dust is covering several square kilometers, kicked up where the copter went down and exploded. For some strange reason, it's now blocking out all high-tech surveillance and communications—some say the shielding is part of the curse placed to protect the tombs, but others claim it's just the remnants from the War of No Repent.
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Fantasy and Suspense
based on Mid-Century Events
by Violet Millhouse
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1940s, The Victory Garden, World War 2
1940s, The Victory Garden (Coming Soon)
Children go to their grandmother's house on the edge of town to grow a victory garden, but when bunnies start eating the peas, they need special assistance—garden gnomes. The kids are convinced the gnomes come alive at night (they do), but a local cat discovers this too, and the gnomes have a war of their own. Meanwhile, a wounded soldier next door has come home to recover, but he can fight no more . . . at least not in the same way that he did before.
1950s, The Keeper's Apprentice, in the time of polio.
1950s, The Keeper's Apprentice (Coming Soon)
Thommie Ghentt has been laid up for months with braces on both legs. It's made her parents get into arguments about what to do next, and Thommie worries about that a lot. Thommie's older sister, Merry, is a folklorist like their father—a Keeper of the Lore. Now Merry has asked Thommie to help write a Field Guide of all the magical creatures and their world, while their brother is off fighting the war in Korea.
1960s, WHAT?
1960s, Lebensborn (Coming Soon)
In the turbulent times in America in the 1960s—Vietnam, the war protests, civil rights marches, women's rights expanding like never before—it was also the height of the Cold War. Behind the Iron Curtain, rights were being brutally curtailed in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Bloc. A young American journalist is covering the suppression on her first foreign assignment, but finds that while her father did die in the Second World War, she had no idea who he really was.
1970s, Moon Rocks, space fantasy
1970s, Moon Rocks: Coming Soon
When a truck with a shipment from NASA has an accident, they don't even notice when a box of rocks tumbles into a ditch. Some kids find them, play make-believe for the whole afternoon, not realizing that the rocks are from the moon. But then strange sorts of things start happening . . .
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Ancient Scandinavian Fantasy
by Fjola Ulfr
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Ancient Scandinavian fantasy: Luka & Valdi
Luka & the Valdi (Coming Soon)
When the mortal servants of Valhalla die, their souls take the form of mysterious creatures of wonder—many of those become immortal too. They are called the Valdi, and throughout history, some of these creatures have been revered out of respect and wonder—unicorns, griffins, winged horses. But out of great jealousy still, others have been feared—the Draca are such, the dragons. But what if you befriend one . . .
Ancient Scandinavian fantasy: Luka & Valdi
Landfall, The Voyage to Fire & Ice (Coming Soon)
The Viking voyage to the great northern island the Romans called Ultima Thule, where some of the land is glacial, and some is fire and steam. Some view the voyage as banishment, but others volunteered to go.
Ancient Scandinavian fantasy: Luka & Valdi
Val-Kyries: Last Ride, Shield Maiden (Coming Soon)
Adventures of a shield maiden and her service to the gods.
Ancient Scandinavian fantasy: Luka & Valdi
The Skald (The Storyteller (Coming Soon)
Sometimes the stories are not stories at all, but are based on something real . . .
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Intrigue & Apocalyptic Action
by Wayne Albert
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Disavowed: Partisans
Disavowed: Partisans (Coming Soon)
When a pilot on a test flight is unexpectedly downed over hostile territory, local partisans save his life, but set him up for charges of collaborating with terrorists.
Disavowed Series, The Last of Me: Paladin
Disavowed: Paladin, The Last of Me (Coming Soon)
Her memory wiped, an intel agent is on the run . . . but from who . . . and what? Bits and pieces are coming back, but so far, the only thing she remembers is that someone helped her escape from the high-tech and ultra-secure facilities in Huntsville, Alabama, and told her to hit Mississippi running.
Lost in the Midnight Sun
Lost in the Midnight Sun (Coming Soon)
A DEA agent is kidnapped by drug smugglers who fly the northern routes between Alaska and Siberia, but she's dumped out over the Great White, assuming it will kill her. It might . . .
The Last Bastion
The Last Bastion (Coming Soon)
A great plague unleashed when the ice caps melted has left much of the world's population acting like those zombie movies. The wealthy have walled off the cities and now use sky scrapers as their own private fortresses, employing private security that scrounges on the ground of what used to be civilization. The last bastions are the remote islands . . . and the ships used to reach them. And what is the difference between a shark and a zombie anyway?
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These are works of fiction, many inspired by historical events:
The authors makes no claim of accuracy or reality: These books are fiction.
All works copyrighted by Marilyn M Schulz
Book Cover & Web Page design by Bert Schulz

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Artwork and Photos used on webpage and for cover designs are in the
Public Domain and are attributed in manuscripts when available.
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